The Festival logo was designed by the distinguished sculptor Eric Gill in 1935. Arthur Eric Rowton Gill was born in Brighton in 1882. The family moved to Chichester in 1897 where Gill attended the Technical & Art School. He then went on to study at the Central School in London, where he later taught. From 1907 to 1924 he lived in Ditchling village in Sussex. Gill led a bohemian life, where his strong Roman Catholic views contrasted with his sexuality and erotic works. Among his sculptures are the Stations of the Cross in Westminster Cathedral and the group ‘Prospero and Arial’ for the BBC’s Broadcasting House. He designed many typefaces including Gill Sans, Perpetua and Joanna. An example of his lettering in stone is the memorial tablet to Percy Hiscock in Chichester Cathedral. Gill died in Uxbridge in 1940.

Simon Blumlein

Festival Hall Banners

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The dark blue banner that hangs to the left of the Festival Hall stage during Festival week was commissioned to celebrate the Festival’s centenary in 2001. It joined three much older banners of unknown date and origin, which were presented to the winning choirs in each ‘division’, in the days when the Festival included competitive singing. Jenny Dandridge, Lee Edmunds and Sheila Justice, of the Petersfield branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild, designed the new banner in blue and yellow silk with hand-embroidered lettering and a motif of two trumpeters—one in gold and one in silver thread—based on Gill’s logo.